25 Word Short Story

For fun, here’s a 25 word short story I wrote in response to a writing challenge on Masterclass—which I joined this year to learn from the masters (in writing). Some interesting courses, and some interesting perspectives on writing. And some fun challenges. 

The prompt is a picture of two women (most likely models) standing chin to chin and looking up. Not an inspiring image for a story, to be honest, but I thought of something, and of course I changed it to fantasy—about the power of magic song. I also imagined them outside and under a tree.

Here it is, in all its 25 word glory.

The Writing Prompt

Many Things Grow On Trees

“Move and I'll shoot!”

They stood chin to chin, seeing what the footpad didn’t, and they sang. Excited, the baby clowns—flying arachnida—swarmed.


I'm not sure a 25 word story can ever be satisfying really—it's just a creative writing exercise for fun. Perhaps 400 words is my personal lower limit for writing a story that's entertaining—although I generally go for 90,000+ word stories :) For more serious, or at least longer attempts at flash fiction, see my other Fantasy Short Stories.


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