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The World

Within the universe, millions upon millions of planes coexist within the same space, influencing each other in subtle ways. Some are very similar and some very different, but none are identical. In some  universes there are other versions of London, Paris or Taipei; in others there is something very different indeed.

And in one of these planes of the universe there exists a version of our solar system where evolution took another turn. The Blue Prometheus series is set on the frigid outer planet of Prometheus—a planet where animals and plants possess an inner fire.

This forested outer planet contains two human settlements where most people are unaware of the intelligent alien species living hidden within the planet’s primeval forests. And these intelligent species hardly notice the humans—until disturbed.

The Blue Prometheus Series

Young Aina—a short prequel to the Blue Prometheus Series (novelette). Free on this website and on most online bookstores.

The Huntress of Prometheus—follows on from Young Aina. Free and only available on this website. Just fill in the form to the right.

Blue Prometheus—Book 1 of the Blue Prometheus Series (novel)

The Darkling Odyssey—Book 2 (upcoming novel—to be published in Jan/Feb 2019)

Fire Rising—Book 3 (upcoming novel)

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About Young Aina

Aina and her father are pursued deep into the ancient forest by a deadly enemy. To her father’s concern, the forest speaks to his daughter, awakening a natural magic within her. Will Aina’s magic awaken in time to save the lives of both her and her father? 

Blue Prometheus is available at the following retailers:

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About Blue Prometheus

Thomas Brand’s rational view of the universe is challenged when a sailing ship lands on Clapton Pond during the London riots. The strange alien crew disturbs him and his friend, Lucy Thomson, but the message the ship’s captain gives them is stranger. 

They must choose whether to travel to a distant planet to complete a task that would change the destiny of its inhabitants and raise the consciousness of all life. 

On that remote planet a young woman awaits them. She is one of only two humans with a knowledge of the wild magic of Blue Prometheus and the intelligent species that live hidden in its great primeval forests. The other she seeks to kill. 

She will be their guide. 

Lucy must develop the courage to use her power. 

But for Thomas to save his friends, and much more, he must first believe in the possibility of the magic his rational mind rejects. 

My books are also available through Overdrive, Tolino, Scribd, and 24 Symbols.

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