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(I'm busy writing novels, and with other work, so I only have time to write a longer article once a month. In-between, I’ll be writing shorter updates and bloglets on a variety of topics.)

Jun 22, 2019

Martial Magic

I use any experiences of life inside my fantasy. These include tarot, developing my intuition, the natural world, and martial arts, which I've practiced all my adult life.

Now, I practice for health and fitness, but there are many other benefits: self-defense is an obvious one, but another benefit is in my writing. I use of my knowledge of martial arts in my stories: in fight scenes, but also in martial magic.

I've practiced many styles; at the moment I practice mostly bagua, mizong, and a variety of weapons. I've recently been training with staff again. All of these are useful in my stories...

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Jun 16, 2019

The Secret Life of Plants

I've been re-reading 'The Secret Life of Plants' for the first time in years, and enjoying it again. The book is old, but still interesting. It starts with Aristotle's assertion that plants have souls, and goes on to discuss how plants are not, as we sometimes imagine, stationary, but actually move, just at a much slower speed than humans.

The authors (Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird) go on to discuss the reactions plants have to threats from humans or animals. They demonstrated their (often quite strong) reactions by attaching electrodes to the leaves and then measuring the changes on a galvanometer. If the plants were threatened by overwhelming danger, they appeared to pass out.

Further experiments suggested that the plants could read the mind of the experimenter's, as they reacted to their intentions.

There are too many ideas and observations to describe here (I might write a longer article on this topic). The ideas are interesting in themselves, but were also interesting when I developed the ancient forest world of Blue Prometheus.

Jun 08, 2019

Second Draft—A Deepening

I'm coming to the end of the second draft of my third novel in the Blue Prometheus trilogy. The second draft is really a deepening of the story—my first draft was just 'get it written.'

The third draft will focus on prose, and should be quicker. Then I'll be ready to send the novel to my editor for a few rounds of editing.

The third novel has a more epic feel as the characters need to spend time on their own missions, which take them to different parts of the planet.

More later!

Jun 06, 2019

Blue Prometheus is On Sale!

The first novel in the Blue Prometheus Series is now $2.99, down from its normal price of $4.99, until next week. This is part of Kobo's Queen's Birthday Holiday Sale, but the ebook is reduced on all retailers.

See my books page for links to buy!

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Jun 02, 2019

Magic Forests in Fantasy & Myth

The attraction of magic forests in stories has existed since storytelling began when forests were dark and mysterious places…

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May 25, 2019

Slow Blogging

I'm making a small change to my blogging. Instead of writing a full article every three weeks, I'll be writing one a month (on the first Saturday of each month). A small difference, but one that gives me more time.

For me, slow blogging is about quality over quantity, which I try to do that anyway; about having more time to be inspired; about having more time writing novels; and about having more time to read, which I love.

I already write weekly articles on my nonfiction website, and I could easily write them here, too, but that wouldn't leave much time for writing fiction, which is a daily habit I don't want to break. On the other hand, I like writing articles on the themes of my stories, so I plan to continue—but it will be slow blogging.

On the weeks in-between, I'll write short bloglets, like this, giving updates, stories, or thoughts on topics related to the themes of this website, plus occasional personal stories.

As always, feel free to comment on the articles I write here (you don't have to be signed up to FB to comment—at least that's what they say), and if you're not already subscribed to my newsletter (which I send out about twice a month) then sign-up here. If you sign-up, you can read The Huntress of Prometheus, a story about an incident in young Aina's life, taking place when she still lived in the ancient forest (a few years after Young Aina). Huntress is only available from this website.

May 18, 2019

Reviews of the Blue Prometheus Series

I'm honored to have been featured on the website of another fantasy author, Erin MacMichael, who has reviewed all of the Blue Prometheus stories so far released. Visit her website, Reality Raiders, to read the reviews and learn more about her writing.

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May 11, 2019

Plum Rains

The Plum Rains are raining down in the Hills of Shiding, and sometimes I feel like I'm on Kamino, the planet of storms in Star Wars. It can rain for weeks at a time here. At least it's good for writing, and I feel no need whatsoever to go outside.

Rain in the Hills of Shiding

May 04, 2019

Tarot as Inspiration for Writing

Inspiration for writing fantasy comes in many forms, and one of these is using tarot cards, either for their rich meaning or their detailed imagery…

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