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Here's a list of articles based on themes in my writing, my inspiration, the writing process, and on the books themselves.

Library at the edge of the universeLibrary at the edge of the universe

List of Articles

My Books

My Books

Young Aina

Blue Prometheus

The Darkling Odyssey

Fire Rising

Ned Marcus Book Covers

Orange Storm

Inspiration for My Stories

The Reality of Research When Writing Fantasy

Shiding in Fantasy

Tarot as Inspiration for Writing

Martial Magic

Mizong and Magic

Influences of Taipei Botanical Gardens on My Story Settings

Clapton Pond—The Inspiration for the Beginning of Blue Prometheus

Jules Verne's House

The Psyche

Synchronicity in My Life And Fiction


A-Z of Fantasy

Fantasy Quotes

Magic Forests in Fantasy & Myth

Types of Magic

The Types of Fantasy I Read & Write

Why I Love Fantasy Stories


Best of Ned Marcus Blog 2022

Best of Ned Marcus Blog 2021

30-Day Flash Fiction Challenge

Four Reasons to Read a Lot and What I'm Reading (June 2020) 


SPFBO 2018


You can learn more about my short stories here

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