Fantasy on a Distant Planet

Welcome to Here you can learn more about my stories and the themes that inspired them.

I write fast paced adventures set on distant worlds, but the stories also have themes, and one of these is spirituality. By this, I mean the connection people feel to the world around them (including a connection with nature), about the search for meaning in life, and the connection with something bigger than us. I'm curious about the world and about meaning within our lives.

The nature of life and death is one of the themes of my first trilogy—another is the inner journey we make through life.

Young Aina (novelette) and The Huntress of Prometheus introduce Aina and the planet of Prometheus. Blue Prometheus is where the the larger adventure begins several years later.

The Blue Prometheus Series begins in the primeval forests of a distant planet in another plane of the universe, with two short prequels, introducing Aina, one of the main characters of the series. The first novel begins in the London riots, when a spaceship lands on Clapton Pond, and the heroes are given the choice to travel to the distant planet of Prometheus.

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