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I write fantasy and SF with spiritual themes, both short stories and novels. By spiritual, I mean a personal connection to something greater. A reader once said that my stories have an awareness of something felt but not believed by most people. I think this is true.

That said, my stories are also adventures in worlds that are different from ours, and some of my early writing is straight adventure.

Wild sea with the universe in the sky above. Fantasy by Ned Marcus"A thought disturbed the darkling sea." From the beginning of Blue Prometheus.

Themes of My Fantasy

My stories explore these themes:

  • Belief in spirit
  • Intuition
  • Divination
  • Consciousness
  • The unconscious
  • The nature of truth
  • Our relationship with animals and nature
  • Rebirth

A belief in spirit and rebirth are some of the themes of the Blue Prometheus Series.

Types of Fantasy

I write science fantasy, contemporary fantasy, SF, and magical realism. Epic fantasy is also something I love, and I'm planning an epic fantasy world at the moment.

A mystical fantasy forests with lights shining in the mist"Dreams don't raise the dead." Lucy speaking to Thomas in Fire Rising, concerned about his dark obsession.

Two Series

My two series (Blue Prometheus and Orange Storm) while separate, share some characters. The Orange Witch sees Lucy return, and can almost be read as a standalone novel.

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Popular Articles & Short Stories

Popular articles include Types of Fantasy, Types of Magic, and Martial Magic, where I show how I used my martial arts training to develop my martial magic.

You can also read my short stories and learn when I publish new ones. The Boatmen and An Offer of Redemption have both been published as audio versions on YouTube.

And you can read reviews of my books on my books page.

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