Fantasy Short Stories

For years, I never considered writing fantasy short stories. I began by writing novels, and only later, when I started meeting more short story writers, did I consider short stories. Recently, I’ve been writing more short fantasy stories for experimentation and fun.

This page will eventually link to more short fantasy stories. At the moment I link to two (see the bottom of the page).

Fantasy Short Stories—Ned MarcusThe river near my house

Fantasy Flash Fiction

Some of the short fantasy stories will be very short, and I’ve written some fantasy flash fiction. People have different definitions of what flash fiction is. For me, it means short stories under 1,000 words.

Deliberate Practice 

I like the idea of introducing deliberate practice into my writing, but doing it in a fun way. Deliberate practice is practicing towards specific goals. This is something athletes and musicians often do. They practice particular actions repeatedly in order to improve. But I see no reason why writers can’t do this. 

And I consider practice something people do, not only to get good, but also to remain good.

I thought I’d do the same, but instead of using creative writing exercises (which I’m not really interested in) I’m writing short fantasy stories for experimentation, practice, and fun.

Types of Deliberate Practice

  • Adding mystery and suspense 
  • Practicing lesser used POV: 3rd person omniscient, 2nd person
  • Writing outside my main story world
  • Adding poetry to my writing
  • Adding purple prose (this is the opposite of my style, so it could be interesting for me)

These are just a few ideas—I’ll add, delete and alter ideas as I write more shorts.

I think I already have a certain amount of mystery and suspense inside my fantasy stories, but I want to experiment a bit more with this after taking a couple of masterclasses with mystery and suspense writers David Baldacci and Dan Brown. My writing style and genre are very different from these writers, but they’re masters of suspense—and this is something I’d like to add more of.

I usually write in restricted 3rd person (Blue Prometheus Series novels), and sometimes in 1st person (as in Young Aina, and The Huntress of Prometheus). I don’t want to play with omniscient 3rd person in my novels, but in short fantasy stories I feel no restriction. The same goes for 2nd person, which I could never imagine using in a novel, but it could be fun in a short story.

When I say I want to add poetry to my writing, I don’t mean literally as J.R.R. Tolkien does, but I’d like to play with some of the poetic devices: image, rhythm, and rhyme. And if it fails (which it might), at least it should be an interesting failure. The same goes for purple prose, which I’m not a fan of, but sometimes it can be well done. Hence, it’s a challenge I’ll enjoy.

Writing my fantasy novels in my main fantasy world remains my top priority. But hopefully my experiments with short fantasy stories will be fun to write and read.

Here’s a very short list of my fantasy short stories. Please revisit this page because I will be adding stories in the future.

Fantasy Flash Fiction

Fantasy Short Stories


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